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Mental Wellness at Work

Mental health is essential for efficiency, productivity, and teamwork. So, what can we do in the workplace to impact mental health? A key answer, at the very heart of success for any business, is to increase the quality of relationships that its people are seeking to nurture.  . More about this Keynote…


Managing Change: Relationship Matters

We all know change is inevitable. Sometimes it is imposed upon us, other times we seek it out. Regardless of how it comes to be, whether the change is perceived as good or bad, transitions are a part of life that can cause a range of reactions – from paralyzing stress to joyful celebration.  More about this Keynote…


The Only Person You Can Change is Yourself (Dammit)

Admirably, we most often go into our careers aiming to help others. Our thinking is that if we can just get them to change this or that, their lives will be better. Sometimes, we take this thinking further; we enter into our marriages thinking that we’ll be able to change some aspects of our spouses.  More about this Keynote…


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