Keynote address: The Only Person You Can Change


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The Only Person You Can Change is Yourself (Dammit)


Admirably, we most often go into our careers aiming to help others. Our thinking is that if we can just get them to change this or that, their lives will be better. Sometimes, we take this thinking further; we enter into our marriages thinking that we’ll be able to change some aspects of our spouses. The reality is that unless we force people to comply to our will, which doesn’t always work out so well, our greatest asset in being an agent of change is what we can do within ourselves. This brave keynote wakes people up to the outstanding potential each one of us has to lead healthier and more influential lives – without pressuring others. “Attraction – not promotion” is what naturally works for sustainable wellness. When others see our desire for positive change in ourselves, and these changes being actualized, they’ll want them too. In this regard, we can and do have influence on others, much more than we know. It starts with the conscious courage to look at ourselves, rather than going down the unconscious path of seeking to control others.