Consulting Possibilities


Kim and Relationship Matters are open to the idea of direct support of organizations and individuals.



Here is a list of possibilities:

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Kim Barthel’s In-Person Time


There is a wealth of topics Kim can support people on, from coordinating advanced therapeutic practices to mentoring personal growth. She is extremely flexible with what she does to consult with many organizations on a daily basis - from assessment to treatment, from problem-solving to program planning and organizational management. One thing that seems to be consistent is that Kim gets presented with increasingly complex and challenging cases and situations, which she loves. Her consulting time is always co-designed with the hosts to get the absolute most out of their time together. Depending on the size and scope of the request, sometimes Kim consults in these ways on her own, and other times she is directly supported by Bob Spensley and/or Hilary LeRoy-Gauthier.

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ZOOM Calls


Another way Kim is being asked to keep in touch with a number of organizations is to facilitate periodic ZOOM calls. They have to be flexible with scheduling as she’s often traveling in different time zones, but this format is increasingly popular, especially with people in remote settings and overseas locations. In most cases, teams of key staff members ask about 5 questions in advance, Kim’s answers making up the bulk of the approximately 1.5 hour sessions. Any number of people can join the video calls (which can be recorded) including other professionals, clients, parents - whoever you’d like. 

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One-on-One Therapy Support


The Relationship Matters team has expanded to address an overwhelming request for individual therapy, coaching and advocacy for complex needs. Eugene Hayduk (Counsellor), Hilary LeRoy-Gauthier (Leadership Coach) and Marie McKenzie (both OT and PT) each offer one-on-one sessions by distance, being relatively flexible in their scheduling to address a wide range of challenges at a highly professional level. 


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