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Seeing and Moving: A Visual and Vestibular Course

  • McClure United Church 4025 Taylor Street East Saskatoon, SK  Canada (map)
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Join us for a three day discovery of the integration of the vestibular and visual senses. This course will provide an understanding of the neurobiological interaction of these sensory systems and their impact upon the movement and learning systems. Understanding of brain mechanisms to support treatment processes of the visual vestibular integration will be emphasized providing functional intervention strategies


Course Objectives:

  • develop an understanding of how the vestibular and visual systems are wired together in the brain. 

  • develop an understanding of how the vestibular system supports visual function and primes the nervous system for movement. 

  • develop an understanding of how the brain processes visual information perceptually. 

  • acquire an introductory understanding of the assessment of visual perception. 

  • develop an understanding of how the visual system modulates and modifies vestibular information in the nervous system. 

  • acquire an elementary understanding of the difference between saccadic eye movements and voluntary visual tracking skills. 

  • be introduced to the understanding of how visual deficits affect movement patterns and learning of new movements. 

  • be introduced to integrated treatment approach encompassing vision and vestibular synthesis. 

NoteThis course is designed for occupational therapists treating a wide variety of children and youth with developmental disabilities and neurological challenges. In addition to occupational therapists, this course is open to physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, or other professionals 


$ 250. (SHA)
$500. (non SHA)


Deb Spelay, Children’s Program
Wascana Rehabilitation Centre
2180—23rd Avenue
Regina, SK S4S 0A5 

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Provincial Pediatric Therapies Conference Committee 

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