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Decoding Autism: From Understanding Neurobiology to Choosing Intervention Strategies

  • Western Sydney University, Building G1.G.51 Londonderry Road Richmond NSW 2753 (map)
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Course Description

This three-day workshop blends cutting-edge neurobiology with treatment strategies supporting clinicians, paediatricians, educators and caregivers who serve the Autism Spectrum Disordered population. Through a series of lectures, participants will leave with multidimensional understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through deepened insights in epigenetic, neural connectivity, immunology, relationship-based intervention and sensory-motor treatment programs. Current and in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of the brain-body science of ASD will allow service providers to create evidence-informed choices of treatments for individual clients across a wide range of treatment modalities.

Day 1 - Neurobiology of the Brain with Autism

Learners will develop:

• a preliminary understanding of the current science of genetic/environmental interaction in the development of ASD
• a basic understanding of neurological aspects of ASD
• an understanding of the gut/brain relationship to function and behaviour, highlighting dietary support
• an understanding of how the immune system and the brain interact and how this affects behaviour.
• appreciation of the impact of stress upon the function, behaviour and holistic health of ASD

Day 2 - The Science of Regulation and Attunement

Learners will develop:

• an understanding of the science of sensory processing as it contributes to regulation, learning and behaviour in children with ASD.
• advanced clinical reasoning and scientific rationale for the blending of sensory interventions in ASD.
• an understanding of the neurobiology of motor control issues in ASD.
• an appreciation of handling skills and motor interventions for children with ASD

Day 3 - Sensory Processing Intervention and Motor Intervention

Learners will develop:

• an understanding of the science of relational intervention.
• preliminary skills in attunement and co-regulation as intervention
• clinical reasoning for the treatment of executive functioning limitations in ASD

Intended Audience:

Clinicians (Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Social Workers), School Administrators, Teachers, Special Education Teachers. Educational Assistants, Paediatricians and Parents/Caregivers.

All Enquiries:

Ph: (02) 4578 9799

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