Synchronized and Sustainable Intervention


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What is SYNCroSI?

Synchronized and Sustainable Intervention (for children with special needs) or SYNCroSI for short, is a specialized mentorship program that combines personal growth with clinical development experience for educators, therapists and parents working with children who have special needs. The SYNCroSI method provides a unique blend of integrated, eclectic and enabling interventional approaches that remove cultural blinders that can inhibit healthy relational interactions and stifle a child’s potential.



The Challenge 

As an educator, therapist, or caregiver dealing with children with special needs, figuring out the right intervention approach and creating a sustainable program around it is a lifetime’s work. In this day and age where one can be inundated with a multitude of intervention approaches, it becomes very challenging to discern what works and what does not. Yet, as a program leader or coordinator one is tasked with the creation of sustainable and integrated programs that will harness the potential of the children you serve. The value of the SYNCroSI method is that it fine-tunes your innate ability to select and uniquely apply the approach that best fits each child and situation.

What does the SYNCroSI Training Program encompass? 

Under the guidance of master clinicians, participants will develop their own specialized learning plan that will enhance the skill set they wish to improve. As part of this individualized and groundbreaking learning program, participants are purposefully paired with children to help meet each of the participant’s learning objectives. State of the art intervention approaches are incorporated into this intense and full five-day learning experience, including didactic as well as practical experiential learning. There will be demonstrations, lectures and group discussions to complement the hands-on activities, and comprehensive

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one-on-one feedback will be provided to participants at each step.While SYNCroSI encourages interaction and collaboration with other participants in your field, what makes this program different from any other is how it uniquely offers opportunities for personal and professional reflection throughout.