Workshop: Conscious Parenting


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Conscious Parenting: Understanding Yourself Supports your Child’s Emotional Well-Being


Mindful Parenting is an introductory one-day* workshop for parents and caregivers to understand how their state of mind impacts the emotional and functional well-being of the children they care for. The basic neurobiology of mindfulness, and supportive techniques that can be useful in everyday caregiving, will be highlighted. 

Participants will learn:

  • The concept of mindfulness and self-awareness, as an aspect of connecting to your emotions and your actions

  • Some basic skills of self-regulation for emotions that are challenging

  • To better understand non-verbal communication

  • The value of attunement and co-regulation in strengthening families

* This one-day workshop can also be offered as a 2-hour event.  

* There are no maximum numbers of participants in these workshops