Program: Trauma Informed Practice


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Trauma Informed Practice


Trauma is a universal experience yet generally speaking, it is an uncommon part of people’s daily conversation. Thankfully, and appropriately, trauma-informed practice is becoming an increasingly common topic within forward-thinking organizations world-wide. With organizations, schools and businesses that wish to become trauma informed working and learning environments, Relationship Matters (Kim Barthel, Bob Spensley and Hilary LeRoy-Gauthier) offers a comprehensive program including the following components:


(one day workshop)                        Trauma Informed Practice (TIP)

(one day workshop)                        TIP 2: Practical Applications 

(one day workshop)                        TIP 3: The Only Person You Can Change is Yourself

(one hour Zoom Session)   Recognizing Complex Needs

(one hour Zoom Session)   Real Examples of TIP Principles in Action

(one hour Zoom Session)   Open Q & A and problem-solving

(one hour Zoom Session)   Open Q & A and problem-solving

(one book per participant)            Conversations with a Rattlesnakeby Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel


These components are directly related; the information and facilitated process builds on each other and encourages connection and support between all participants. The workshops and distance learning follow-ups can be timed to be either close together or spread out, as training intentions and logistics allow. There is no minimum or maximum number of participants, and in each case, delivery and content will be adapted to accommodate local needs and contexts.