Keynote address: Managing Change


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Managing Change: The Evidence and Art of Compassion and Connection


Change. It is inevitable. Change can be initiated by us or it can be imposed. Regardless, every time we experience change, it can bring up feelings of excitement, challenge, threat, empowerment, confusion, and clarity at any time. Feelings will occur and relationships will be affected. The question then becomes how do we best navigate change in a way that is helpful and healthy for us and those around us? Kim Barthel has some powerful ideas about this to share. As a world-renowned teacher and speaker, Kim actively supporting multi-disciplinary function and healing in many cultures. A pioneer in reinforcing the importance of relationship in therapy, she is known for blending cutting-edge developments in neuroscience with the art of compassionate inquiry. Her unique approach in using evidence and art to foster compassion and connection, is shared in a powerful way to inspire and motivate people to navigate change in a way that we can all benefit.