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Psycho-Sensory Intervention

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This three-day workshop will provide an integrated theoretical connection about the neurological interplay between attachment, developmental trauma and sensory processing issues. 

Participants will develop an understanding of the use of relational attunement as a regulatory influence that supports and stabilizes the arousal and sensory processing systems. This workshop will uniquely blend the integration of psychotherapeutic skills with sensory processing intervention. Therapists, teachers, and parents will learn how to put these two distinct therapeutic approaches together as a mechanism for the development of self-regulation and mental health function. 

A combination of theory and practical trauma interventions will emphasize compassionate dialoguing skills, sensory strategies, postural control and movement techniques together with attachment theory and psychotherapeutic process work. 

Learning will be facilitated through lecture, story-telling, group problem-solving from case examples, role plays and active reflection. 

Participants will be able to: 

  • Explain how attachment strategies are functionally adaptive in relation to developmental trauma 

  • Describe the connection between trauma, arousal and sensory processing challenges 

  • Discuss how the use of relational attunement skills and therapeutic use of self can stabilize arousal and support sensory processing issues 

  • Develop a repertoire of sensory processing strategies for the treatment of trauma Understand how trauma impacts postural control 

  • Learn to provide treatment intervention to the postural and movement system to affect change in the emotional responses to trauma (treating trauma through the body) 

  • Begin to integrate psychotherapeutic process within a sensory motor context 

Registration Information:

Enquiry: Please feel free to contact Ms. Raymie Leung or Mr. Stephen Chan at (852) 3628 3443 or 

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